Duke was 1 of the GSD7 that was abandoned in Quincy, IN back in January 2016. He, along with Keen and Sable made their way to our rescue, and soon he stole the heart of Becky the Co-Founder/Co-Owner of Two Bitches Rescue. He has brought much joy to her and her husband Pete, and now has a puppy sister Sasha, and Puppy Brother Buddy


Titan sadly passed and crossed the rainbow bridge on 2/27/17 after over a year with his loving family


I was an owner surrender (I lived in deplorable conditions with 6 other dogs), I hadn't seen a vet in at least 3-4 years. Once I got rescued, I was fully vetted, and had some pretty amazing dental work done. I was covered from the tip of my tail to the tip of my nose in demodectic mange, I was a pretty sad sight. After the start of antibiotics and regular baths 2-3 times a week, I've become a pretty handsome old gent if I do say so myself!!! I was told I was around 13-14 year old, but the vet thinks I'm a little bit younger than that, maybe around 10-11.


None of that matters much any more, because I have the MOST AMAZING family now, and you wouldn't believe how good I have it now. I go everywhere with them, and I don't ever have to worry again, for I know I am finally LOVED!


Loved by Angie and Syd

Simba - Happily living with his forever family!


Simba and Kit Kat showed at the Fountain County Fair 7/9/16 .........


UPDATE: Fountain County 4H Fair Champion in her division!!!!!!!!!


Original Story:


Who out there is searching for an energetic, loving, devoted, eager to please GSD? Well I'm your guy if you are!!! I'm somewhere around 3-4 years old, UTD on all vaccines, Neutered and Microchipped. I know basic commands (it would be nice if you coax me a bit with a yummy treat). I'm good with most other dogs, thought kitties were ok, but lately, they just push my buttons, and I kinda "lunge" at them, not sure what I'd do if I actually caught one. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE kids, and the ladies. Guys, you're ok too, but hey, this dude likes the ladies ;)

I've traveled from Marion, IN to Lafayette, IN to Pine Village, IN where I'm at the coolest place, there's some big ol critters out here, I think Foster mom said they were cows and horses, but either way, they're a LOT bigger than me. There are also the cutest little humans, they really like me. I haven't met the big furry boy of the house yet, but I hear he's pretty awesome, and was also a rescue...how cool is that!? I'd stay, but then other doggies wouldn't get the chance to experience this awesome family while in transit to their forever home, so someone come adopt me, so the next lucky dog can come visit this place and stay for a bit.


Now Forever Loved by Joey, Laura, Kitcat and Joce (And Hunter-their other saved GSD boy)



 Ella (f/k/a Stella)


Ella found her forever after with the Melissa Latus family, and is doing great with her new sibling, and the humans as well.

Good luck sweet girl :)

Smokey Joe (Pete)


I've traveled from Cincinnati to Lafayette, where I was an owner surrender, after having only lived with these humans for a little over a month. Previously I had been at the Cincinatti SPCA where they had little to no information on me. I'm only 2-3 years old at most, and the previous "short termers" lied and said I was vicious. Well I am vicious............with my kisses! I was soon placed in foster where I remain (I personally think they're eventually gonna fail at this foster thing and just adopt me!) I now know love and a warm bed, and have a pretty cool family that lets me watch tv with them, and sometimes even sleep in bed with them!


Loved by Niki and Brian

Maverick now known as Tucker!


Adopted and has a new puppy-sister Ada!


Congratulations Annette and Brian, take care of our big baby!



I am Tank's sister, I was also found in a barn, shivering and wet from the cold in central Indiana. I was found a few days before my brother and as soon as I arrived to town, I met the most amazing family (they were shopping at Rural King too). They had just been forced by their landlord to give up another foster baby from TBR because of his misunderstood breed, and that made them sad. They had two of the cutest little boys who were heartbroken and I just happened to be the one lucky enough to help mend their hearts. ........Don't tell them, but they fixed my broken, scared heart more than they'll ever know too!


I was taken away from my momma at 4 weeks old, and needed some extra care..but boy howdy, you should see me now, am I ever the pretty, pretty princess now!!!!


Loved by Kenny, Suzanne, James and Cameron


PS...their other foster they couldn't keep....well look below, she's a success too :)


Capone didn't venture far from his foster family, he's going to be loved by her daughter's daddy, so he will still have Josie to love on him.


Thank you Tod for falling in love with little Capone!


Capone's brother got adopted by an amazing family of 3, this little guy is going to be loved on like there's no tomorrow. I must say this was an amazing day.


Loved by Jeni Kerstiens and kiddos!

Wrigley, Bubba and Layla

All 3 of these cuties have found their happily ever after with great families....can't wait to see them grow <3


Layla loved by the Jon Walker family, Bubba loved by Angie Alford and Jae, and Wrigley Loved by the very large Jake Ritchie Family........Happy Lives little ones :)



Wow did this girl find her way into an amazing family, and she has her very own K9 brother Ramzee's to play with and protect her, how awesome is that? She also has 2 human siblings now to keep her company and love on her so her Happily Ever After has been found. Thank you to the Riehle Family :)


Axel has found his purpose in life, he's protecting his new litle 3 month old human brother Brody, and has proven he is just the big guy to do the job right! This boy hit the jackpot with the Matricia family....do us proud big boy!



This sweet girl found herself abandoned in a shelter, with little to no hope of getting out due to an eye disease that will require lifelong treatment. We took a chance on her, because she is just the sweetest thing. Well, low and behold, we found a match that was just meant to be....Sasha is now the ears for her new momma, and her momma is her eyes when they get blurry. Her new momma has also become one of our most amazing Fosters, who is invaluable to us...Thank you from the bottom of our Hearts Cathy Howard, YOU ROCK!


Magee Mae

WOW, what a tiny little cutie this girl is....Foster's failed, and she's now a permanent fixture in a wonderul home, another supporter that is a great advocate to our rescue...

Thank you Michael and Michelle Wenzel :)

Amaru / Remi


Hey Ya'll....I'm Amaru, a Gentle Giant. I'm purebred Great Dane and recently found myself homeless (well surrendered to IACC in Indy-what a yucky place). Then these 3 ladies came and picked me up, and took me to a wonderful lady that kept me overnight until I made it to my Foster family. I now have some really, really fluffy 4 legged buddies to play with. But in all honesty, I'm pretty happy taking up lap space, or your entire sofa, whichever you allow. I'm a pretty mellow gal, if I do say so myself. I do have hypothyroidism, but I take medicine and do pretty well on it. I may require more trips to a veterinarian, just to check my levels, but I will return the favor with love and devotion. I still have a lot of years to give to a family, so won't you give me a chance please. Oh, and they tell me I'm about 5 years old.


Amaru/Remi is now loved permanently by Kevin and Jenn :)



I was found in a drainage ditch, soak and wet from all the rain that had fallen that day. Shivering and scared I was rescued and went straight to foster. I was only about 4 months old. I was in an amazing foster home, but the landlord changed their mind and due to the misunderstanding of my breed, they were forced to give me up, but it worked out ok, because they got a different foster puppy, and I got another foster family too.


I am now with the cutest little girl and her daddy, and I'm pretty darn sure they're gonna fail at this too, and just adopt me, which will be pretty A OK with me!


Loved by Rob and little miss Victoria


Ava was found as a stray and never claimed. She has been with a Foster Family for a few months now and has learned to be a very sweet girl, with manners. She is a King Shepherd, and is going to be a very big girl. Ava is heading off to new adventures, and 6 mo of training in Ohio, and after completion will be placed in the loving home of a deserving US Military Veteran who had been on a waiting list for over 3 years for a Service/Therapy dog. We wish her much success in her new home, and can't wait to see what she has in store!


As of  9/16/16 this girl graduated her training and is now back in Indiana serving her Veteran with loyalty and love!



Sadie has found her perfect match with the Sheets family, with an abundance of frisbee play and camping in her future.


Hearts are happy for this great girl :)




Little dude found his forever home today, and was greeted with happy tears. He is happy and healthy, and finally has someone to snuggle with permanently.


Tank/Pudge is now loved by Marilyn and Bruce


This sweetie thrived on being around kids, she needs to be a "protector" and she has found the perfect family, guarding 3 yo Lakynn. Couldn't be happier for this 13 month old beauty.


Loved and cared for by the Fitzmorris Family


Living the good life with the Cain Family!




Keen will be moving in with a little human, 9 y.o. Coltyn, who he has already fallen in love with. The two share a love for hotdogs :)


Keen will be living out his life with a wonderful family, in a warm caring home. We are so happy to see this boy get his Happy ever After!


Loved by Jeff, Chris and Coltyn (Cat's to be determined)





Sable has found her way back to her buddy Keen, and loving life. She and Keen are living the life of luxery and love. It is so heartwarming when you find that special family willing to open their hearts and homes to not just 1 rescue, but 2, who's background and story is such an unknown.


Loved by Jeff, Chris, and Coltyn

Jack (F/K/A Zed)


Zed was a short timer with our rescue, he found his forever home almost immediately, and he's one lucky pup! I am so happy that Helen and Toots reached out to our rescue, and we were able to place the perfect pup with them. They told me a story, that made me very sad, not only had they lost their sweet Bubby back in November, but when they were ready to open their hearts up to a new puppy, they were denied a puppy, or young dog due to their age, are you kidding me....I love me some "experienced" dog lovers, not only do they have the time, means and ability to care for a young dog, they have the love to give as well. So here's to many, many years of Puppy Love!


Loved by Helen and Toots!



This beauty has finally found her forever home with the Howard family and is totally in love with her new little human Brennen.


Here's to a wonderful new adventure beautiful girl, much love :)



Sasha has found her forever home with the Gillam Family. She took to their little guy instantly, strolling right up to the little man and kissing him, I think it was love at first sight. She enjoys giving High 5's, and is settling in to the family life quickly.


Loved by Scott, Karla and the little's!


Phantom & Fury


These two handsome 7 month old brothers are the recipient of great new parents, living the life in the country, and enjoying a little "patio" sitting. They've even supervised their first fishing trip, and have new beds to sleep in.


Loved by Pat and Kent Schrock <3



This amazing boy has found his forever home with Ms Hill, with lot's of room to run and play. He's become her protector and is fiercly loyal. His new momma has had a rough patch, but he's devoted and looks over her with all his being.


Happy life handsome boy!



This little lady came to us off of a "Free" Craigslist add and has found her way into a very loving and safe home. We are so glad we saved her and now she's been saved by the Webb family....Live long and Love Forever little lady :)



This sweet girl found her forever home with Kelly Marvin, who loves this girl with all her heart.


Best of Luck baby girl :)



Henry came to us via Muncie Animal Shelter, and is now living the great life!


Loved by Pee Wee



Gage is being spoiled absolutely rotten, and we love it for this giant goofy boy! He has a GSD Sister named Heavenly, and they already LOVE eachother.


Loved by the Farrell Family

Bubba (F/K/A Trouble / Hercules)


This sweet, sweet boy has gone full circle, he came to our rescue in February 2016, was in foster after foster, then adopted, returned, adopted returned, and my family had seen enough of what this boy had been through....He is now exactly where he needs to be...MY Home!  Spoiled rotten by Me, Brad and Mitchell :)




Reagan G Shepherd (who by the way has her own FB page) Was not with us long, she was adopted by Pete Keeney and family in Traverse City, MI


This sweet girl found her fairy tail with a Vet Tech and her State Trooper Husband who had another rescue girl, who looks amazingly a lot like Ruca, but with a little more weight. She has fit in wonderfully with this sweet family - Kara and Devin Farmer


This handsome boy has found his forever home with the Farrester Family, getting lots of love and playtime with the kids!


Roxie, who was returned to us by her previous adopters after they failed miserably with her, has finally found the love and affection and family she so deserves!

Living the happy life with the Murray Family


After being abandoned by her owners who did not claim her after she was hit by a car, this amazing beauty is recovering from ACL surgery with her new Momma and living the sweet life with Melissa Ross


Spending your first year of life in an outdoor kennel, with no more socialization other than daily feedings, this boy has found the life he so deserves! He was adopted by Melissa Ross (who has Daisy) and her daughter Daniella. Chase has moved on with Daniella and her fiance and their precious new son, and now lives in Ohio. This boy will never know the cold, or rain, or storms outside ever again, he's a couch surfer now


Cassie is all kinds of excited, she has a new sister, all of about 5 lbs, but a new sister all the same. She was surrendered by her foster-to-adopt humans, but has since been adopted by Aby and Nancee who just think she's the best doggy ever (along with the teeny tiny sister dog)


Maggie came to us as a "pair", with Ace. Ace was donated to a veteran and is a service doggy now. Maggie is also "serving" as a guard dog, she guards the couch, she guards the chair, she guards her toys! Hey, it's a job!!! She is very, very loved by Brittany and Kyle Biddle


YES, YES, YES...........Our longest reigning resident of the rescue has finally found his Happily Ever After, Forever Home, and is as happy as happy can be. It just took the right girl and her boyfriend to see the potential in this amazing boy who got the short end of the stick from a brat neighbor girl who taunted him, forcing the owners to surrender their beloved pet. Melissa, we had faith and we promised we'd take care of your boy and find him the right human to love him as much as you and your family did, and we kept our promise!

Thanks for seeing what a wonderful boy Hank is Alex!


Our boy with a smile on his face always! He has a very good reason to smile, he's been adopted by a wonderful family in Montgomery County and is living a great life with the Chesterton's


Stormin Norman came to us just in time, as there was someone who needed him as much as Norman needed them! This boy is going to have an amazing life with Mike Ferguson

Teddy (F/K/A Rambo)

This cuddly little guy now has little humans to play with and grow up with. He's a little timid at times and has a strange fear of doorways, but he's got it made in the shade with the Logue Family


This handsome boy hit the jackpot and within hours of the owners asking us for help, as they could no longer keep their sweet boy.

He's enjoying the luxuries of much love and affection by Kylie and Ben


This girl survived Hell on Earth, abandoned and tied to a fence after serving as a breeding machine, then heartworms, and an uncontrollable skin allergy, found her Queen and Princesset with her humans. She gave us a terrible scare about a week after being adopted (after being with the rescue for almost a year and surviving all of the above, we thought we lost her, but she rallied back and is happy and healthy now)

Thank you Maliha and girls for loving this special lady!


Pooh came to us scared and stressed beyond recognition, she nearly tried to hang herself hiding in my SUV during transport, then hid under my truck for 30 minutes after arriving at him home. She hid in the back of her crate, shaking, and looking away. We gradually approached her with a loving touch, and unbelievably, in 48 hours we had her out, and on the couch, soaking up the love. She bonded well with my pack, playing and romping in the freedom of a fenced back yard, something she likely never had before. Then she met the Gutweins, and well, the rest is history, she found her FUREVER Home and her Happily Ever After


Ranger was reluctantly surrendered to us, after his owner fell ill, and sadly passed just 3 weeks later. Ranger found his Furever Home with a wonderful Grad student in IL, and is doing wonderfully!


Onyx was another sweet boy surrendered due to his owner falling ill, and no longer to care for him. He was a mere 8 months old, and had not had any vetting. We had him neutered, and UTD on his vaccines. Onyx is now known as Topper, and is in "School", studying to be an awesome Therapy Dog, so that he can visit children at schools, the ill in the hospital and possibly visit nursing homes. Thank you to the Gold-Vuksons for giving this boy a wonderful future!


Stay Tuned

More amazing success tails coming!

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