Welcome to T. B. Dog Rescue, Corp.


We are a group of women (and a few men) dedicated to saving 1 dog at a time (typically, there are far more than 1). We are a foster based, volunteer group, who pulls “rescue only”, “high kill shelter” dogs at risk, and take on owner surrender dogs. The focus of our organization is the Larger Breeds, as they do not do well in kennels and shelters, often times shutting down and giving up, or a complete change in demeanor.


We DO NOT have a physical facility, hence the need for FOSTERS! One of the most important roles in rescue! Our Fosters are invaluable to us!


We specialize in German Shepherds and German Shepherd Mix, but do not discriminate in breeds, we LOVE them all.


We will NOT adopt to free roaming, tie-out, chain to a dog house wanting humans. We understand not everyone has a fenced yard, however, short periods out on a regular tie out are understandable, but all day/night is unacceptable. We adopt our dogs out as pets, not property, and are expected to be cared for as such. They must reside “inside the home”!


Our fosters must meet the same criteria as our adopters, and are ultimately responsible for the care and safety of the dog(s), minus the vetting. Fostering can last anywhere from a day or two, to indefinitely. We may also ask for fosters in “emergency cases” such as traumatic events locally, domestic violence cases, etc, where the owner may need a helping hand while they get to safety, or find themselves in need.


Below are the steps to become an adopter and / or foster:


1) Application
2) Phone Interview
3) Home Visit
4) If no red flags, then you will come to us for the meet and greet with the dog!
5) If it goes well, then you will be able to adopt

Adopting / Fostering a rescue dog takes time and patience and sometimes tears. They are worth it, every single minute of it.


Our adoption fees cover the cost of vetting, and sometimes transport and needed items for the dogs, we do not make a penny off of the rescue, so everything we get through adoption fees, donations and such are re-invested in the dogs.


We hope you continue on to the next few pages and see what wonderful dogs we have, none are perfect, many are perfectly imperfect. Remember, we don’t always know the full background, and what some of these precious babies have been through, so patience, understanding, and time are a must for letting them decompress and adjust, all we ask is that you give them a chance. For the longer term foster requests, there will be a mandatory 2 week minimum stay, it’s not fair to the dog to move them around, and confuse them more than they already are.


We are also part of a bigger and better part of rescue, as we have donated 2 dogs to veterans in need, something we are passionate about, and believe there are some dogs out there that just have a little something special about them, and were meant to serve a higher purpose.


Please visit us on FB as well, under the closed group Two Bitches Rescue Resources and Transport, and the open “media friendly” version T. B. Rescue Resources and Transport!




Again, Welcome and Thank You for visiting TBRRT



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