Saving 1 dog at a time!
Saving 1 dog at a time!
Two Bitches Rescue Resources and Transport
Two Bitches Rescue Resources and Transport


This boy comes to us from Louisville, KY where he was found as a stray. It appears this poor boy spent the majority of his life on the end of a chain or as a stray on his own. Out of boredome, he developed some OCD behavior, like chasing his tail, or chasing cars (from behind a fence).

Chief entered a training facility for a full assessment and recommendations on getting him the full quality of life he deserves. The trainer as assessed that his behavior is indeed from boredome and is easily corrected by redirecting him. Our trainer states that Chief is very smart and learns quickly, has a desire to please his human, and learns quickly. We look forward to seeing him thrive!

We recommend no young children, AND continued / consistant socialization and training.

Adoption Fee: $150


Apollo ~ In Foster

This Senior is in need of a loving, quiet home. He was an owner surrender, due to the owner having terminal cancer, and no family willing to take on an aging Dutch Shepherd. Apollo is 9 years young, still loves to play, but equally loves being a very BIG lap dog. He tested pos for Lyme, but has been treated and is doing well, He also had a low grade cancerous cyst removed from his left rear leg, and has healed well. If you have a comfy couch, and room in your heart, this boy is looking for you. He does well with other dogs, however, still has a MAJOR PREY DRIVE, and will kill kitties.


Jack ~ In Foster-To-Adopt

This handsome boy is a little rough around the edges, but overall, just a sweet guy. He grew up with 5 kids and 2 adults that just didn't have the time, nor patience to give him the life he deserved. He's 2, and just needs some TLC, he's utd on vaccines, and neuter is scheduled.  He's smart and will learn quickly how to be the amazing pet you're looking for.

Adoption Fee: $150


Nala needs to find a new home, she is a sweet girl, and a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. She is a little over a year old, loves to run and play fetch, high prey drive, and will chase kitties. She still needs spayed, but is utd on vaccines. She gets along with kids and other dogs, and deserves to be a family pet or a running buddy.

Adoption Fee: $150


This is houdini on 4 paws, GSD mix (smaller stature), she's a great girl, loves everyone, all dogs, kids, you name it, but she also likes to dart out the door. She needs someone who's going to give her the time and effort to give her a reason to NOT want to escape. She's utd on vaccines and spayed.

Adoption Fee: $150


Cheyenne ~ Adopted

This sweet, adorable and petite girl is 1, and currently in a great foster home, where she will be undergoing extensive P/T and rehab, following bi-lateral FHO surgery. She is part of a large scare neglect case, where the majority of her pack is still enduring life in a shelter due to the pending court case. The previous owners did see fit to sign her over, knowing she needed the surgery desperatley. She made her way here from KY, thanks to a loving and caring Animal Shelter there, who reached out to us. Cheyenne loves EVERYONE and EVERYTHING, she fell asleep with her head resting on the fosters kitty, and loves their young son, falling asleep hugging him when he was ill. She's a one of a kind girl, who will make someone a very lucky adopter!

She still needs spayed, as she was under anesthesia too long during her FHO, and the vet deemed it unsafe to also complete that task. She is utd on vaccines. At this time, only adopters willing to put in the time and effort for her P/T will be entertained, until then, she will remain in foster.

Adoption Fee: $150.00


This gorgeous girl also comes to us from the neglect/abuse case in Ky. She is about 3 yrs old and is utd on vaccines, but pending spay. She is a guarding dog, with some protective aggression issues. She will need a very experienced GSD adopter, who is willing to put the time and effort into this amazing girl. She attaches herself quickly and becomes very protective of her human. We also recommend, NO YOUNG Children. She did well with other dogs her size.

Adoption Fee: $150



Doc is about a year old, yellow lab mix. This boy needs some kids to play with and love on, he's just amazing. He comes to us from Medical Mutts, where he was in training to be a therapy dog, but had too much separation anzxiety, and will be better off as just a cuddle bug.

Adoption Fee: $200

Lucy Lou

This adorable little Shepsky is about 6-8 months old, she was discovered tied to a tree with an igloo dog house, and surrounded by a mud pit, we couldn't tell her coloring as she was Mud Gray. She does well with other dogs, and is very playful, and who can resist that adorable little nose. She's bigger than she looks, so she's not exactly lap size, but who cares? She'll still make a wonderful lap dog.

Adoption Fee: $250


This handsome "little" guy is a 10 month old Czech Shepherd, somehow we got lucky and found this boy in Ky, where he needed to find rescue. He's energetic, playful and very smart. He loves people and gets along with other dogs very well.

Adoption Fee: $250



This stunning little girl hails from the Bluegrass State of Kentucky, she's about a year old, does well with other dogs, and loves people. She needs a good stable home where she will be spoiled and loved on.

Adoption Fee: $200


My, My, My, what a beauty we have here, love her coloring. Ms Kynze is a 2 1/2 yo GSD, with AKC papers (fun to read, but won't do you any good, as she's spayed), but comes from a wonderful home where she just had too much energy for the toddler.

Adoption Fee: $200


This handsome boy is about 1 1/2 years old, he's been cooped up in an apartment, where he didn't get the attention or work he needed, he's a bit on the thin side and will need some work with obedience, but he's smart and will learn fast. Currently in boarding with training to help him get over being so scared of his new life away from the previous owner.

Adoption Fee: $200

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