Saving 1 dog at a time!
Saving 1 dog at a time!
Two Bitches Rescue Resources and Transport
Two Bitches Rescue Resources and Transport


This boy comes to us from Louisville, KY where he was found as a stray. It appears this poor boy spent the majority of his life on the end of a chain or as a stray on his own. Out of boredome, he developed some OCD behavior, like chasing his tail, or chasing cars (from behind a fence).

Chief entered a training facility for a full assessment and recommendations on getting him the full quality of life he deserves. The trainer as assessed that his behavior is indeed from boredome and is easily corrected by redirecting him. Our trainer states that Chief is very smart and learns quickly, has a desire to please his human, and learns quickly. We look forward to seeing him thrive!

We recommend no young children, AND continued / consistant socialization and training.

Adoption Fee: $150



Nala needs to find a new home, she is a sweet girl, and a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. She is a little over a year old, loves to run and play fetch, high prey drive, and will chase kitties. She still needs spayed, but is utd on vaccines. She gets along with kids and other dogs, and deserves to be a family pet or a running buddy.

Adoption Fee: $150


Ranger has returned to rescue, he was just a bit much for the adopter, and caused some stress to an already stressful student life. Ranger is 5-7 years old, we were told 5 by the previous owner, 7 by the vet, so let's just say he's 6.....Ranger is a big boy, sweet and loving, however, has not been socialized very well, and is "reactive" to other dogs he encounters. He is neutered, utd on vaccines, and housebroken. He is crate trained, and will make a wonderful addition to an experienced GSD home


Adoption Fee: $150


Cash is the 5th and final arrival to rescue from the Kentucky neglect/abuse case. He was the "stud" dog they were using. The daddy to Terra and Amber we recently had. He is 3-5 years old according to the vet, he is utd on vaccines, but will be neutered after he arrives here. He does well with submissive dogs, but not dominant dogs, so appears he wants to be boss-dog. He is sweet, loves his jolly ball and the frisbee.


Adoption Fee: $150


This sweet, adorable and petite girl is 1, and currently in a great foster home, where she will be undergoing extensive P/T and rehab, following bi-lateral FHO surgery. She is part of a large scare neglect case, where the majority of her pack is still enduring life in a shelter due to the pending court case. The previous owners did see fit to sign her over, knowing she needed the surgery desperatley. She made her way here from KY, thanks to a loving and caring Animal Shelter there, who reached out to us. Cheyenne loves EVERYONE and EVERYTHING, she fell asleep with her head resting on the fosters kitty, and loves their young son, falling asleep hugging him when he was ill. She's a one of a kind girl, who will make someone a very lucky adopter!

She still needs spayed, as she was under anesthesia too long during her FHO, and the vet deemed it unsafe to also complete that task. She is utd on vaccines. At this time, only adopters willing to put in the time and effort for her P/T will be entertained, until then, she will remain in foster.

Adoption Fee: $150.00

Behr - Adopted 1/13/18

Behr is an owner surrender, as his owner sustained a significant work injury and is no longer able to care for him. Behr is a wanderer, as he spent much of his time roaming the small town where he used to live. He's a big boy and stronger than he realizes and will need some work in the manners area. He loves other dogs, and just wants to play like the puppy he is. Kitties are unknown. Older kids are recommended, just because of his size and energy level. This boy needs someone who is energetic and wants to go on adventures together, as well as play fetch!  He is neutered and utd on vaccines.

Adoption Fee: $150.00

Dingo ~ Meet & Greet scheduled

Dingo is a White German Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix, he's 8 months old and ALL PUPPY! He's a bundle of energy and looking for his happily everafter. He's a little rambunctious, and probably not good around smaller dogs, he has no idea how big he is. He's not aggressive, but wants to play like the big dogs. He will be brought utd on vaccines and be neutered upon arrival in rescue.

Adoption Fee: $200

Joe ~ Meet & Greet Scheduled

With this face, who could resist me? Joe comes to us from a training facility where he did well, but just didn't have all that they needed for him to become a therapy doggie. He's just a year old and is neutered and utd on vaccines. He loves Humans and is said to do well with other animals as well. He's obviously had some training, so he's smart, and will make a fun additon to the right family. He's a Lab/GSD mix.

Adoption Fee: $150.00


This stunning girl is just 2 years old, spayed and utd on her vaccines. She was an owner surrender because she 'just required too much time".....she is a sweetheart and wants to please you. Extremely smart and will learn quickly, and appears to know some commands. She's a big girl, so we suggest a big back yard with a fence so she can get adequate excercise and play time. She loves people and appears to get along with other animals, with proper introduction and socialization.

Adoption Fee: $150.00

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