Saving 1 dog at a time!
Saving 1 dog at a time!
Two Bitches Rescue Resources and Transport
Two Bitches Rescue Resources and Transport

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Mayson Creek Band

Aces Pub along with Hunter's Moon HD is sponsoring a fundraiser for the Rescue on 1/23/16. Please join us and help raise awareness on Rescue!

Just an update...Thanks to Alan and Amy Morris, and the Aces Pub family, Hunters Moon HD, and Mayson Creek Band, they raised $1,340 for the rescue, and that just says so much about their care and love for the dogs. Their customers went above and beyond in their generosity!!!!

Pet Sitting


Going out of Town for the weekend? Vacation?

Why not leave your pets home, where they are comfortable, know their surroundings, and won't be stressed out!

Call Kati to take all your worries away!

TBRRT Strongly endorses her, as she is a wonderful lady with all animals.

In Memory of our Sweet Babies gone too soon


I'm at a loss for words, this boy surpassed so many obstacles in his early life, and finally came to know LOVE and Family. We are so happy you found your way to us, and then to Angie and Syd so that you at least knew for your remaining time on earth how much you were valued and what you meant to a mother and daughter. You brought so much joy and happiness to them, and we loved you through them and the stories that were told, like when you just refused to stay home and insisted on going to work with Angie, and how you loved Todd the cat, and then welcomed the recent foster puppy with only the love and gentleness you had. But you were getting tired, your time was coming soon, your body could no longer take the cruelty of your previous life, and it was time to cross over the Rainbow Bridge, to a place where all of your pain and suffering are but a mere, and distant memory, but where you will remember with great joy how much you were loved by so many. RIP sweet boy, we will miss you terribly 2/27/17



Unkown DOB - June 2016

Max came to us as a Foster to End of Life

He was a sweet boy with many medical conditions,

some of which were unknown at the time of transport

Thank You Webb Family for giving him the Love 

And Dignity this boy deserved. RIH Max, until we 

                                                                         meet again <3


Sampson was spooked, and escaped from his foster home last night 10/17/16 and was searched for all night, he was located at the Howard Co Humane Society, but unfortunately was hit by a car and did not make it. The driver did NOT stop.  We are so very sorry we failed you, but you were loved very much by your foster family. RIP Sweet Sampson <3




This sweet boy traveled to the Rainbow Bridge after succumbing to what is believed Kidney Disease/Failure. He was so very loved for the short time he had with his adopted family. RIP Sweet Charlie <3



We found Tilly on a FB Pet site, we snatched her up in hopes of saving her, she was paralyzed mid spine. After numerous efforts by specialists, and her uncontrolled pain level, we made the tough decision to Let her Cross the Rainbow Bridge with dignity and having known love. We tried baby girl, we are sorry your previous owners abused you and failed you :'(


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